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Welcome to Wake Stone! A premium watersports school that believes in uniting communities by teaching both Cable and Boat. Wake Stone coaches use a unified methodology that allows students to have a great learning experience. Come out, get up, and Wake Your Passion!

Lessons Service List:

Driving and Boat Setup Instruction (Learn how to properly operate and setup your boat for towed watersports!)

Other Services
For booking services such as corporate events, commercial photography shoots, judging or running competitions, or announcing bookings please contact us directly.

Wake Stone works out of the following locations:

Twin Lakes Marina (9635, 134 Lance Dr, Twin Lakes, WI 53181) – Boat Lessons
West Rock Wake Park (1420 S Pierpont Ave, Rockford, IL 61102) – Cable Lessons
We Come To You (Midwest Area: Primarily Northern, IL to Southern, WI) – We’ll Bring Our Boat To You For Lessons *Extra Charges May Apply

Want to book a Wake Stone coach on your boat, or at your park? Contact us directly!

How To Get Started

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By booking a session you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms. You also confirm that have read the descriptions of the services you have purchased.

Having trouble booking, or is everything full? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you!



Hourly Rates on Wake Stone’s 2018 Centurion Fi21

Half Day (4 Consecutive Hours) Rate on Wake Stone’s 2018 Centurion Fi21
$500 (Normally $600)

Each hour has 45 minutes of water time and 15 minutes of setup/switch out time. Only up to two riders are able to participate in a single hour.

Must have a spotter over the age of 15 years old. If you cannot provide your own spotter contact us before booking so that we can arrange one for you. If a spotter needs to be provided an additional $25 will be added onto each hour. For Example, a one-hour lesson with a provided spotter= $175, and a two-hour lesson with a provided spotter= $350. A Half Day rate with a provided spotter= $600.

All equipment is provided upon request.


Cable Park Rates & Behind Your Boat Rates

Hourly Rates

Half Day (4 Consecutive Hours)
$350 (Normally $400)

To book either Behind Your Boat sessions or Full Day sessions please contact us directly.

Travel rates may apply depending on the distance of travel needed. on the distance of travel needed.

What People Are Saying

“Timmy Burnier from Wake Stone has been a fabulous wakeboard coach for my son. He has helped him progress immensely in the time that they have worked together. After each session my son had a renewed confidence in his abilities and would be able to do more complicated maneuvers. Timmy is also a great role model for his students, he is always there to help them and give them guidance even when he is not coaching. Timmy has also been very helpful in educating my son and I on the intricacies of wakeboarding and wakeboarding competition.”
-Stygar Family

“We bought private lessons for our son Jimmy who in the last 2 years has escalated his skill level with the help of Timmy Burnier from Wake Stone. These skills have earned him a place on the team for the Quarry and continues as he competes. He is now backed by Liquid Force and Klimata and this all began with Timmy and his work with Jimmy. I highly recommend getting lessons.”
– Schmidt Family

“Our son Jack has been cable-wakeboarding now for two full summers. Last year, after having known Tim Burnier for one full summer, we decided to invest in a summer lesson pack with Wake Stone for Jack. Jack grew as a rider in ways no one could have imagined after making it all the way to Nationals/Waco with several of his teammates, and placing 6th overall in the Novice Division. I attribute much of this to the work that he put in with Tim. He also grew as a person and this was due to the fact that Tim has such an even demeanor that is supportive yet accountable. Tim Burnier is a class act all the way around, we are huge fans of him!”
-Augustine Family


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The duration of each session is 30 minutes with a 15 grace period for setup. If you are late to the appointed time it will be counted against your time NO EXCEPTIONS. Session packs must be conducted back to back.

A wavier must be signed by each participant. If they are older than 18 years the participant may sign for themselves. Otherwise, a guardian of the minor participating in the lesson must sign the wavier on his/her behalf. Waivers will be available on hand at the lesson or can be requested to be emailed through a PDF document. Requests for PDF waivers and signatures are highly encouraged to be done at purchase of the session! As we need time to send the document to the participant, wait for the participant to sign the document, and then wait to receive the signed document from the participant. Waivers must be signed before the lesson can be conducted and will count towards your time if you have not came prepared. Please send PDF Waiver inquiries to

Personal Cancellations
Must be done with at least 48 hours notice to receive a refund or a voucher for another use. Otherwise, a 30% of total charge fee will be taken from the refund as a nonrefundable deposit.

Weather Delay or Cancellation
A delay can only be happen if there are open time slots after the one you had originally secured. Otherwise, the lesson has to be rescheduled for another free block either later that day or on a later date.
Cancellations due to weather will be rescheduled on a later date as a delay would.